“Not Shayach”


“We are so appreciative for the Gevaldig music you played at our wedding. So Geshmak, Hartzig and inspiring – we could not have asked for better!”

“… the music was leibidik, tasteful and batampte. It added so much to our Simcha, and it was a pleasure to know that the orchestra would play masterfully and with the right Chashivus for the occasion …”

“Thank you for the amazing job at our daughter’s Chasuna. We especially appreciate how you spent time with the Chosson and Kallah to learn what style of music had meaning to them, and how you trained our boys to sing at the Chuppa. It was wonderful how easygoing you were about allowing the Chosson’s brothers and our boys to share the mic.”

“We truly can say we could not have done it without your beautiful music… the wonderful Ruach and then Kumzitz atmosphere…”

“Thank you for a beautiful job. The boys all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

“…you play and sing so nicely…”

“There are no words to thank you… (but I’ll try anyway)… Thank you so much for the great kumzitz! You made my Bar Mitzvah a night to remember”

“The music was very unique that not only was it enjoyable, but it also came from your heart…”

“The music was beautiful… Thank you for preparing the CD for our son to practice with…”

“Thank you so much for the awesome music!”

“Everyone had such a wonderful time with the Ruach-filled music at the dancing and the heartfelt music at the Kumzitz!”

“We are deeply grateful to you for adding to the Simcha in such a magnificent way.”

“ Thank you for sharing your incredible music talent … Your ability to create uplifting music with warmth and professionalism truly contributed to the evening’s success …”

“The warm and leibidik atmosphere was in no small part due to your exquisite playing…” 

“You played so beautifully!”

“Truly leibidig and out of this world!”

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