Who arranges your music?

Musical arrangements are made exclusively by and for Segula. Reuven has been arranging music for over 20 years and he has now brought on a noted drummer and keyboardist to bring a new dimension that keeps up with the latest trends in jewish music. Grab a pair of your favorite headphones and listen to our demos.

What instruments are included?

Every job uses the latest synthesizer and sound module technology, along with live saxophone and flute, live singing and vocal harmonies. Additional pieces (guitarist, featured singer) are available at an additional fee.

Do you play the latest songs or special requests?

Yes, we stay current with many of the latest songs. We also accommodate most requests, and encourage customers to let us know specific songs they want prior to the Simcha so that we may prepare any desired music.

Do you provide Badekken music from the Chosson’s Tisch?

Yes. We play saxophone to dance from the Chosson’s Tisch to the Kallah, with full orchestra arrangements when the dancing approaches the Kallah.

Are you able to provide recordings of the speeches?

Generally yes, provided the speakers use our microphone.

Are you available to be booked in Simcha packages?

Yes, we regularly play for all Ateres Elka and O’Fishel packages. If there is a package you are using and do not see Segula, please let us know so that we may be selected as an option.

We’re working with a limited budget. Are you able to work with us?

While we provide competitive rates, Simcha expenses can be significant. We are often able to accommodate those who would like to make a Simcha on limited budgets. Please let us know if you would like a more competitive rate and we will work to find a cost structure that works for you.


We do not play for mixed gender dancing.

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